Nature-Inspired Design

On November 18, Ingrid defended & published her doctoral research on Nature-Inspired Design - Strategies for Sustainable Product Development.

Biomimicry and Cradle to Cradle are two Nature-Inspired Design Strategies that have already been implemented in product design practice and in curricula of higher education. But how are these strategies applied, and how do they help designers in developing ‘sustainable products’?

Based on case-study research of multiple design projects, the study shows how the design philosophy, principles, methods, and tools of Biomimicry and Cradle to Cradle have inspired and guided product designers in their work. The findings demonstrate the value, as well as the current limitations, of Nature-Inspired Design Strategies. The insights and recommendations provided in this thesis are valuable for researchers, designers, and educators with an interest in Nature-Inspired Design, and help to clearly position Nature-Inspired Design in sustainable design practice.