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What valuable products can we make from Algae?

They grow on waste streams, can bloom very fast, and form large sticky mats: the hair-like Spirogyra Algae can be a nuisance to have in your pond. At the same time, it is exactly these characteristics that make it an interesting commodity: what if this waste eating, fast growing, mat producing organism can be used to develop a new generation of bio-degradable materials?

In collaboration with Delft University of Technology, the Algaepack project developed valuable products made from Algae. With its Biomimicry approach, the project looked into the entire algae-product-system: from growth, through processing, use and finally disposal, the Algae should add value at each step in their lives for as many stakeholders as possible. That is why in an early stage of the project representatives from the entire system were invited to co-develop the final products.

The Algaepack concept is based on the graduation project of Bob van Putten, who won the “Young Wild Ideas Award” with his development of an Algae based packaging material.